Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Arts Award Bronze-

Costume design process.

  1. The first thing I did was chose a character I was going to cosplay as. The character I chose was Batgirl as I feel that we look quite similar and we have a similar personality.

  2. Then I decided how I was going to make my costume.

  3. Next I drew up designs of of how my costume should look and made mood boards about the character.

  4. The next step was to go shopping:

  1. Then I made a template of the bat symbol

  1. I then drew around the template onto some felt and cut it out.
  1. I then pinned it into place

  1. I then sewed it into place


  2. The next step was to start the cape. The first thing I did was cut a neck hole.

  1. Then I hemmed the seam I had created.

  2. The cape itself was too long so our next step was to cut it shorter.

  1. Then I hemmed the rest of the cape
  1. I then made the batarangs by cutting them out of cardboard and spray painting them black.

    14. We then went and brought my utility belt.

  1. I then stripped it of all tags and zip covers to enhance the look of the belt.

  2. I then made my mask. First I drew it out onto the felt before we cut it out and attached two pieces of elastic.

  1. Then I made the headband. I cut out four felt triangles of equal length and two pieces of wire. I then sewed two triangles with the wire trapped between them that were then attached it to the headband.
  1. Next I made the gauntlets using the same principle as the headband except we sewed them into the gloves.

  2. The actual costume was now made the next step was make up

  3. I used black I shadow and pink lipstick

  1. Here is the finished costume:

Looking at how I made my costume retrospectively one thing that I would change is how I sewed the wire in my headband as it was still visible. If I was to do my costume again I would take more care sewing the bat symbol to my t-shirt as I feel I could have done better. 

One thing I did not like was the cape needed a lot of caution as it could get trapped quite easily in the wheels of my wheelchair which became a hindrance when moving around.

The positive attributes of my costume were that it was all made from quite comfortable material which was easy to move around in. This is a good thing because uncomfortable material would have been difficult during the long day that we had.

The negative attributes of my costume were that I got quite cold as the materials used are quite thin and I could not have used a coat to warm up as it would have ruined the look of my costume. Another precaution that I had was using wire to hold my gauntlets in place as occasionally it would come through my gloves and scratch my skin.

The most enjoyable thing about making my costume was watching it all come together as I made it and then when people appreciated all the time and effort that I had put into my costume I found it very rewarding.
The thing I did not enjoy when making the costume is the worry that you would not finish on time that accompanied it. I tackled this problem by making a time table with all the things I had to do inside it. The worry itself can be very disheartening but the feeling of satisfaction is defiantly worth it.

As I have all ready said several times I found this to be a really enjoyable experience and I can not wait to cosplay again.


  1. Hello, this is a fantastic step by step account of your costume making. I particularly enjoyed how you let us know your like and dislike of the process. You look good in your costume. Have many hours of fun!

  2. This is a great account of your Bronze Arts Award part A Izzy, the step by step instructions are really great and would be really useful to anyone wanting to make a cosplay costume as well as showing exactly all of the work that you have put into this project. You have reflected on your experiences really well and clearly illustrated both positive and negative aspects of the project which is really important for your development. You always seem to come up with a solution to every problem and I think that your timetable idea is really good, I could do with doing that myself!
    All in all Izzy this is a really impressive part A that shows well everything that you have learnt and the creative journey you have been on. Well done.