Thursday, 20 June 2013

Book tour

Eoin Colfer WARP Book tour.

A few weeks ago my Father and I went to see a show about the author Eoin Colfer's new book called W.A.R.P: The Reluctant Assassin. I very much enjoyed it. The show was held at the Birmingham conservatoire theatre as part of his tour around the UK.

When we arrived at the theatre (armed with some sweets) our tickets were checked and we bought our copy of W.A.R.P. before heading inside. Once we were inside and had found our seats, we sat down and looked around. In the rows around us there were many people either finding their seats and sitting down or already beginning to read their copy of the book. You were able to tell that people were excited to see/meet Eoin Colfer as the air was full of chatter not to mention turning pages. You could see people beginning to set up the stage in preparation for the actors performance.

After about a ten minute wait Eoin came out a told some funny stories to break the ice for both his sake and ours. He seemed a little nervous at first. He must have been a little bit because he was stood there about to introduce his new book to a group of readers who had enjoyed reading his older books and he had no idea whether they were going to like his new one. After about a fifteen minute chat, he sat down on his comfy looking chair and began to read. That was when the show started.
The first character we were introduced to was Chevie Savano, the F.B.I.'s youngest member. Eoin read a small passage from his book about Chevie then the actress playing her made a rather impressive entrance. The actors performed a scene from the book that explained more about her we then 'travelled' back in time to the Victorian era where we then met Riley,the main hero of the story and Albert Garrick, the assassin for hire that is trying to kill Riley. Both of the actors did a great job. Once we had met all of the characters that we needed to for the show, they then proceeded to act out a chapter of the book but with a few changes for instance they included the audience in some of their magic tricks.

Then when they had finished the actors went backstage and the audience had a question and answer session with Eoin Colfer about his books and characters. We then thanked him for coming before he started to sign books. Once he had signed our books we headed home.

Looking at the costumes and props that were rather impressive and yet still simplistic I have to say the team did a very good job. The costumes themselves were very simple consisting mainly of a t-shirt for Chevie that had the words F.B.I with jeans, as well as Rily who wore a plain white top with trousers, a waist coat and a hat. Where as Albert had a basic suit. The props them selves were even better using very realistic items to bring the show to life. They used items like a face gun and blunt knifes to help them with the magic part of the show.

The actors themselves did a really good job with the characters, they really brought the characters to life. They even did things like change there accent depending on the character because most of them played more than one character during the show.

The best part of the show for me was the gun shot at the end as I found it really unexpected and realistic. If I had the option I would defiantly go to see this performance again.

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  1. This sounds great Izzy, I have seen author events where the autor reads out sections of the book, or just signed but never an event where there has been sections of the book acted out by actors. That sounds fantastic, much more of an experience that really brings the story alive.
    I will defiantly look out for this kind of event in the future as it sounds really good.
    Well done Izzy, great review.